Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Beautiful bedding sets for spring!

Spring has finally arrived! There will be more sunny days, the days are getting warmer and the flowers have started to blossom. One of the things you can do is to decorate your bedroom for spring! You can start with shopping a new bedding set for the spring season. There are many modern 3d floral bedding sets on Beddinginn with a great 3d effect, which will be perfect for spring. Beddinginn supplies unique and various floral printed bedding sets with different colours and different types of flowers. Beddinginn has high quality bedding sets and the prices are reasonable for everyone. There are a lot of bedding sets you can choose from, and hopefully you will find a bedding set which is suitable for your personal style.
Beddinginn has also a great collection of cotton bedding sets. The comfortable cotton bedding sets are made of organic cotton and are suitable for both kids and adults. Beddinginn has a varied collection of cotton bedding sets with different colours and patterns for your personal choice. If you are bored with the bedding sets that you already have and are looking for a new bedding set then you will definitely find one here. Bedding sets are also great to give as gifts for friends and family. Hopefully, you will find a bedding set which you are satisfied with and is perfect for you. They regularly update items with new patterns and styles, so it would be great if you come back and check it out! Hopefully, you will have a great experience by looking through the floral bedding set collection and cotton bedding sets collection! Remember to read the reviews before buying for the best shopping shopping experience! If people have had a great a experience, then it's most likely that you will have it too.

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Spring flowers

Champagne heelsRosegal 
Pink glitter handbag - Rosegal  

I hope you are having a great weekend so far! I have been so busy lately, and it has been a while since I have posted an outfit post. So, it was about time to post one today. The days are getting lighter and there have been sunny days lately. I am happy that spring is around the corner. The winter here has been one of the coldest and longest winters for years. It has been snow for months. I look so much forward to spring with warmer weather. I really miss spending time by the beach or the lake in my hometown with friends during spring and summer. The landscapes are so beautiful there. I will look through my archive to see if I can find any landscape photos I have been taking from that place. Those places gave me so much inspiration when it comes to writing and content for my blog. Anyways, this outfit is whimsical and vintage inspired, but also inspired the spring season.

This dress is one of my favorite dresses that I own, and you have probably noticed that I have been wearing it in many of my outfits. I really love the champagne heels from Rosegal. They are very beautiful and I really love the bow details. They are also perfect to wear for special occasions. I decided to style this outfit with this beautiful pink glitter handbag from Rosegal. I thought it would be perfect for this outfit. I really love the glitter details of this bag. Rosegal is currently having a Rosegal best Spring gift 2018 promotion, with many beautiful items for spring. If you find something that you like then you can use the coupon code: RosegalChen, and then you will get 10% off.            


Thursday, March 15, 2018

Beautiful dresses for spring!

I hope that everyone is having a great day today! I can’t believe it’s already march, and that means it’s officially spring. I can’t wait for more sunny days, warmer weather and the flowers to blossom. Here we got a lot of snow even though it’s spring. It has been one of the coldest winters in the past couple of years. But the days are getting lighter for each day, so I know spring weather is around the corner. But for many of you the spring weather has already arrived. So, while I am waiting for the spring weather to come I have been looking through the latest spring fashion. Every year, I always look forward to the fashion for every season, for instance what trends are new or which trends are coming back. I have been so busy lately, so for me online shopping is perfect when I have the time. Before I started blogging I used to go to the shops in the city when I had time. Back then there were not so many online shops like now, so it has changed a lot these past couple of years! One of my favorite online shops now is BerryLook. I really like that they have a varied selection of beautiful spring clothes which is totally my style. 

I love the dresses that they have for spring, especially the Women’s Maxi Dresses collection. I love the details and the patterns, but it’s also great that the dresses come in different colours. There are so many dresses which are girly and vintage inspired, which is perfect for me and others who also like that style! I love the light coloured ones, and I think they will be perfect for the spring season. I added some photos of the dresses, which are my favorites from the collection. 

I also like the Cheap Skater Dresses collection that they have. I love to wear these types of dresses during the spring and summer season. Many of the dresses have floral pattern which I really like. It reminds me so much of spring. I have added some of my favorite dresses from that collection.              

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Pink and girly inspirations

Credit: Owners of the photos 

I hope that you are having a wonderful day so far! Today, it's finally sunny! I have been so busy the past couple of days so I haven't been able to update the blog! at the same time I became sick, but I have been feeling much better today. I decided to post a girly inspiration blog post since I haven't been doing it for a while. I just love pink and girly things. I hope it's inspiring! New outfit posts will be coming very soon, so look forward to that! 

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Woman's Day!

An outfit guide for powerful women
Happy day for all these beautiful and powerful women!
Womens Day is almost here and the perfect plan to celebrate it is… a shooping guide!! Zaful website has unbelievable promotions.I am sure you are going to LOVE. If you are a shopaholic as me you will enjoy it as much as I do because the more you buy, the more you save!
From 6th till 16th March you will have three different promotions. You can see them here ,but I am going to explain them better for you:

1.Best Sellers: If you buy three you get one for free.
2.New Faves: If you buy one item, you get a 30% discount in another new faves item.
3.New Arrivals: This is my favorite one. I love to shop in Zaful so, like I told you, the more you buy… the more you get! Buy one and get a 20% discount, buy two and get a 30% discount and buy three and get an AMAZING 50% discount. I am sure I will get the last one because I want to buy a lot of new pieces to make my perfect Womens Day outfit, as some of the examples I create for you in this post.
Now that you know perfectly this promotion I made three different options with strong and powerful outfits for this special day for all women.
Girlfriends: I am sure I will celebrate Womens Day with my girlfriends. They are so special for me. We met in college and we are every day and every time together. I am sure they would love these two looks because they have the latest trends right now. The left one is a fantastic Floral Chiffon Flowy Dress, with lovely pink flowers in it and a perfect pattern. The right one, an Off Shoulder Floral Maxi Dress is also a dream. In this dress you can find a lovely pink in the background of gorgeous flowers. Both dresses have the Best Seller promotion, if you buy three you get one free, so all your friends are going to be extremely happy with their new dresses! To end up the look, nothing better than layered jewelry. I bring to you two different options. On the left a Bar Round Disc Layered Necklace and on the right a Moon Gypsy Pendant Necklace. They have the New Faves promotion so if you buy both you can get a 30% off in one of them.

MotherI think if someone talk about Womens Day the first women that will be in your mind is going to be your mother. The most special women of our life will have also an outfit guide for this day. I chose two original and different shirts that she can combine with a pair of jeans. A Striped High Low Belted Shirt, in a beautiful red color, and a Self-Tie Hem Striped Pocket Shirt, in a lovely blue color. She can wear it with heels, like this pair of Cross Geometric Stiletto Heel Sandals, or with flat shoes, like a pair of Curb Chain Mules Shoes. I have a pair of the last one and they are so comfy and so elegant. They have the third promotion so, as you know, if you buy more you get more discount! 

Daughter: To end this post this is my last option. It is going to be perfect for all these mums that are looking for the perfect Womens Day outfit for their daughter. I am going to tell you what I would like to receive from my mum. All these items are from the New Arrivals, so you can choose the third promotion. I chose three two pieces outifts and I tell you why. You can wear them together or separated! I can wear the two pieces top and skirt or I can wear the top with a pair of old jeans or the skirt with my favorite blouse.  A classic one, a Plaid Off Shoulder Top and Mini Skirt SetA 60s and vintage look, a Plunge Floral Crop Top and Skirt Set. And a trendy one, a Polka Dot Crop Top and Skirt Set.

I hope you enjoyed my outfit guide and I hope you have a beautiful Womens Day.